The Magical Four Letter Word – OKAY

The magical four letter word-OKAY

Earlier when somebody used to say what is the magical four letter word people use to answer LOVE . But, nowadays if somebody ask me what is the magical four letter word then i would say OKAY . Now i know it seems weird to alot of people that whats so magical about OKAY ,but have you ever asked that person who has no one to share  or tell what he or she is going through , who’s 3 AM friend is his pillow , which feels his or her welled up emotions through TEARS , but when he or she rise up in the morning to face the world again they hide behind OKAY to hide their pain , sufferings , their tears , they hide everything because that suffering or pain is too shameful  or too personal  share or there is no one they could trust with such personal information because their trust is tested and broken too many times that , maybe that person is too tired from inside to go through the motions of trusting again .OKAY is the  GETAWAY of our generation from interaction , from pain , from anger , from trust , from emotions . BUT  Its NOT OKAY to use OKAY as a getaway . U dont have to be okay all the times u just need someone that understands that you are not okay, who is there for you when you are not okay and that SOMEONE is going to be YOU 


YES my friend YOU , be that person for yourself until you find someone who understands you , its difficult to find that someone because we forget that we are our someone first then only somebody can be our  someone . establish your bond with yourself first because if you meet yourself then only wonders  happens . i know its easy said then done but you have  to start with baby steps , you have to seize the day and take the risk because at the end of this risky journey there is YOU , all beaming with joy but remember be somebody’s someone you both will find peace , meaning amd maybe your magical four letter word can really be LOVE